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Prospection and market entry solutions in China
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Sourcing pour acheter en direct aux fournisseurs chinois et aux usines en Chine
[ Need to select new vendors in China? ]
Sourcing & preselection of suppliers
Audits for chinese suppliers

Prospection coaching at your supplier's premises

Confidentiality and property control

Our sourcing services :
We provide you with a selected list & full contacts of potential suppliers according to your precise specifications regarding the category of supplier, the products characteristics & the supplier prefered regional location.
We specialize in :

- Electric and Electronic and Audio Video appliances
- Musical instruments + related accessories
- Industrial equipment, machines and parts

Audit de fabricant chinois pour qualifier et valider la fabrication en Chine
For an existing supplier or for a potential one you would like to benchmark, we lead for you an on-site production lines surveys & report on key criterias such as production capacity, equipments & quality controls.
We visit with you an existing or potential suppliers in China so as to bring you our experience and skills for enhanced negociations.
We advise and organize the split + assembly set-up for the production of sensitive or protected products for which you fear copy.
Our added Value :
Our presence in Mainland China for an immediate action
Over 10 years in international business experience in the chinese world
The complementarity of foreign and chinese business associates
Our networks with administrations & production sites
An extensive knowledge on the local business practice & cultural codes
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