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Customized operational Market researches

Production Outsourcing & sub-contracting projects

We provide :

Assess the China market with our Customized Market Research. We provide the timely market intelligence you need to explore China’s different regional markets.

Different from a Standard Market Research, we provide you with customized, individualized information on the China market. You may design your own research with customized questions or to build it from the following menu of standard questions.

- Competition : Identification of competitive (both local and foreign) technologies, products or services, and suppliers/producers of your product or service in the market.

- Market Entry & Regulatory Issues : Information on duties, taxes, quotas, non-tariff barriers and local trade regulations which may affect the marketing of your product or service.

- Market Size : Information on market size/demand for your product or service including import/export statistics, local production, and importations.

- Market Trends : Evaluation of market potential for your product or service based on general market trends, industry sources, and import statistics. The report includes expected significant developments likely to have an impact on market prospects, such as major new investments or projects, government programs, policy changes, new legislation, etc.

- Applicable standards / Product registrations : Information on standards and required registration procedures related to your products.

- Product Viability : Research on whether or not there is interest in your product or service in China. We can contact potential agents/distributors/partners and discuss with them your product or service. We determine if there is interest and at what level.

fabrication et sous-traitance industrielle aux usines chinoises en Chine

If you are manufacturer of a finished product, you might face some competition on both price and quality from imported products. To remain competitive or gain market shares, you might also consider subcontracting parts of a product, components or accessories.


Having some products components or accessories manufactured or assembled in China also helps to save time and costs to supply other asian markets, like other distributors of your product.
Our added Value :
Our presence in Mainland China for an immediate action
Over 10 years in international business experience in the chinese world
The complementarity of foreign and chinese business associates
Our networks with administrations & production sites
An extensive knowledge on the local business practice & cultural codes
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