Business set-up and consulting in China

Business setup and consulting services in China

by C.i. Process (Shanghai)

Develop your company's business and CNY sales in China ?
Need insights for a specific business field, competitors or partners ?
Test your products or services for a suitable positioning on the chinese market ?
Keep updated with changing regulations and standards ?
Need assistance with negotiations or dealing with a dispute ?

Since 2003,
C.i. Process offers professional consulting and advisory services, business setup solutions and support for its customers development in China.

Authorized registration agency, we have a direct access to the Chinese
administrations at national, provincial and local level.
We bring a strong China experience, network and consulting support.

  consulting in business development and company setup in China

Market survey and competition analysis in China

China sales development and market research

  export sales : how to find, qualify and choose a China distributor ?
  conduct a market survey to test new products and services
  identify and assess competition and market consumption trends
regulatory watch services for standards and certification

| Market surveys |
market and competition analysis in China
negotiation and disputes in China

Negotiation service with suppliers and dispute resolution

  mediation service for denunciation or business dispute
sourcing and purchasing negotiation with Chinese manufacturers
vendors, subcontractors or suppliers audit and qualification
information : the impact of the Chinese New Year holidays on your business

| Négotiation services |
China negotiation and disputes resolution
 China Customs and Logistics services

China customs expertise and logistics consulting

  supply chain optimization, warehousing and transportation processes
cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical devices) or CFDA (food) matters
assistance in negotiation or dispute with the Chinese customs (GACC)

  implementation of business solutions in bonded Free Trade Zones (FTZ)
| Customs and logistics |
China customs and logistics services
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