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China suppliers sourcing and disputes resolution

Buying and importing directly from Chinese factories? Specialized in technical and sensitive products, we help western manufacturers and importers to ease better contacts so as they may buy directly with Chinese manufacturers.

We lead manufacturers searches and pre-qualification according to products and market specifications. Then, on site visits, negotiations and follow-up, our mission covers the needs range of both importers, wholesalers and industrial companies.

direct sourcing with chinese suppliers
  Publication updated on January, 4, 2022      

Supplier assessment, qualification and negotiation in 3 steps

1. Customized search for manufacturers

We identify and select the most suitable manufacturers based on one or several products technical specifications. We integrate the applicable standards according to the sales market destination.

In case of assembled products where several suppliers may need to cooperate to achieve a finished product, we focus the search on manufacturers integrating the main added value of the product to be developed.

You thus benefit from the best quality-price ratio to buy directly with the factories which integrate the chain of responsibility for the production, transformation or assembly of a finished product.

Also aware of Chinese standards and possible certification needs, we know how to verify reports, product conformity certificates and factory awards.

2. Negotiate and buy on the basis of volumes and frequency of purchases

If a direct collaboration with a manufacturer often brings competitive prices to better achieve great purchasing KPI, setting up a business flow with a Chinese factory can prove to be difficult.

In order to consider direct purchases from factories and manufacturers located in China, we may pre-select suppliers experienced to handle the export formalities by themselves. Only a part of the manufacturing suppliers actually have the import export Rights as they may focus historically on their domestic market first. We act as a local relay for sourcing, negotiations, follow-up, and verification over export customs declarations and shipping.

3. Production monitoring and factory controls

For sensitive products orders, we can dispatch specialists in tests and production process so as to technically assess the manufacturing process and manufactured products. They do know how to inspect products with a technical eye. They may also check the production process (component supplies, quality monitoring, manufacturing or assembly process).

China supplier audit
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Audits of Chinese manufacturers' production or assembly sites

Following visits in China, you already have contacts with potential partner factories but you need to:

get to know better the people involved in management, production or research and development
• better understand their organizational, capital and shareholding structure
• assess their ability to be an reliable and sustainable partner over time

• look for potential alternatives to some suppliers in case of insufficient capacity or bankruptcy.

It may be difficult on short trips or long-distance contacts to appreciate who you're dealing with. So as the basss of a future cooperation with a Chinese partner is not left to the chance of furtive contacts, we propose:

To meet the suppliers you are already in contact with and evaluate them from a local prospective
• to obtain and cross check information on their reputation, awards certificates and true know-how
• To validate specific qualification criteria for which you have doubts or questions

• To help you better understand the logic of communication and negotiation with Chinese interlocutors.

Support for prospecting and factory visits

We accompany you for your visits to potential suppliers. We help you conduct on site negotiations with the manufacturing site's decision-makers. We organize the logistics of the trips, leaving you the freedom to meet several possible partners in a same area or region in a minimum of time. Serving your prospection efficiency, we also bring support to international buyers in negotiating disputes with a supplier.

Implementation of manufacturing subcontracting projects

If your company is a manufacturer, you may be competing for the price or for the quality of products imported from Eastern Europe or Asia. In order to remain competitive or gain market shares, we help overseas production oriented companies to implement and monitor some subcontracting projects in China. Having finished products, components or accessories locally made, they save cost and transit time.

You may also consider direct access, from a logistics base in China, to other export markets or other Asian distributors.


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Our added value for the China sourcing services
Over 20 years experience in China suppliers sourcing, visits, audit and negotiations
The complementary of a Western and Chinese multicultural team
Our networks with industrial zones and access to Chinese Customs and certification laboratories
An extensive knowledge of local practices and cultural codes to conduct serious negotiations

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